Getting to Meadow Lake Guest Ranch


If you are using Google Maps to get to Meadow Lake Guest Ranch, please use the following address:

97FH+4C 70 Mile House, British Columbia

Meadow Lake Guest Ranch is located 35km northwest of the town of Clinton in British Columbia’s sunny South Cariboo.

The primary method of transport to and from the ranch is automobile.

However, Meadow Lake Guest Ranch is helipad accessible. Further information can be found on the Guest Services page. There are also several smaller regional and private airfields in the area making it an easy getaway location for regional, Canadian and International travelers.


Meadow Lake Guest Ranch is a 4.5 – 5 hour drive from Vancouver.

Take the Trans-Canada Hwy 1 through Hope and head north to Cache Creek, BC. Continue north on BC-97 to Clinton.

Look for the funky log house on the right, 15km north of Clinton, then turn left at the blue sign: Canoe Creek Dog Creek, Alkali Lake, onto Meadow Lake Road.

Proceed for about 26km to the Jefferson Ranch House, 3460 Meadow Lake Road. The driveway is located on the left, at power pole #265.

Locals Tip: the power poles are all numbered. Use them to navigate.


Meadow Lake Guest Ranch is a 2 hour drive from Kamloops.

Take Trans-Canada Hwy 1 west to Cache Creek. Make a sharp right turn onto BC-97 northbound.

Turn left at Meadow Lake Road. Proceed for about 26km to the Jefferson Ranch House, 3460 Meadow Lake Road. The driveway is located on the left, at power pole #265.


Take BC-97 south. Once you pass 50 Mile, the highway turns to a passing lane. Once the passing lane ends, you turn a sharp corner and the turn off to Meadow Lake Road is right on the corner.

Proceed along Meadow Lake Road for about 26km to the Jefferson Ranch House, 3460 Meadow Lake Road. The driveway is located on the left, at power pole #265.

By car, driving from Vancouver to Meadow Lake Guest Ranch takes around 4.5 – 5 hours (traffic or delays due to holidays or weather conditions may affect this time).

The route to the Ranch will take you through diverse biomes: from lush forests and steep mountains, through windy deserts with steep river canyons and flat plateaus to the rolling grassland and wetlands around Meadow Lake.


1175 4 Ave, Hope, BC V0X 1L4

6 am to 12 pm

If you have a craving for a burger and fries or a tradition of getting fast food on road trips, may we recommend this lovely joint.


Old Cariboo Hwy, Yale, BC V0K 2S0

This is a very cool park, named after the old Alexandria Bridge. You can see the old bridge from the new bridge as you drive up to the ranch, but if you have the time to stop and walk to it, the old steel bridge that cars used can be walked across, and the old roadbed followed for miles.


  • Yale (1963)
  • Saddle Rock (1958)
  • Sailor Bar Tunnel (1959) 
  • Alexandra (1964) 
  • Hells Gate (1960) 
  • Ferrabee (1964)
  • China Bar (1961)

Not stops, so much as pass throughs. The Fraser Canyon Highway passes through a series of tunnels, listed below from Southernmost to Northernmost.


28605 Trans-Canada Hwy, Hope, BC V0X 1L0

Great place to stop for sandwiches. Cute store with a great selection of gift items.


2475 Cornwall Rd, Ashcroft, BC V0K 1A0

5 am to 11 pm

Maybe follow up the sandwiches with some coffee or hot chocolate.

Good gas station with clean bathrooms. A Tim Horton’s and a small grocery store all together.


1217 Cariboo Hwy, Clinton, BC V0K 1K0

8 am to 5 pm 

If you forgot an essential or thought of something great in the car, this is a great place to stop to look for it.

Frequently forgotten items include:

  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • bear spray
  • sun glasses
  • sticks for roasting marshmallows
  • frisbee


1429 Cariboo Hwy, Clinton, BC V0K 1K0

6:30 am to 8:30 pm

A nice gas station / grocery store combo in Clinton. This is where we stop to pick up last minute items we might have forgotten. We also stop to pick up a Anie’s Pizza and Pie for dinner and dessert our first night at the Ranch. 

UPDATE: Anie’s products are currently unavailable as her house burned down. But once she has settled that, she’ll be back to baking.

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❤️ A special thanks to Wayne Parsons ( for his stunning photos of Meadow Lake Guest Ranch.