Guest Services and Amenities

Bed and Bale

Guests bringing horses are expected to feed and care for their horses while at Meadow Lake Guest Ranch. Please bring your own hay and all other gear and equipment necessary for your horses.

We will supply:

  • Water access via a hydrant
  • A water trough
  • A wheel barrow, a rake and a shovel for mucking out the stalls

Please call Ranch Managers at time of booking to arrange bed and bale for your stay.

Equestrian Facilities

Jefferson Ranch House

A 12 stall barn with paddock

A circle pen and turn out with pasture

Lakeview House

A 6 stall barn with small paddock

A large covered area with paddock

Meadow Lake Guest Ranch

A horse turn out and fenced pasture

Documentation Required for Bed and Bale

Proof of BC Horse Council Insurance

Proof of negative Coggins test results from within the past six months

Tesla Charging

A 6-50 Tesla adaptor and a 6-50R welding outlet onsite are available for guest use. 

Access to it is available for all Jefferson Ranch House guests. 

Access for guests in the Meadow Lake Roadhouse and Lakeview House Suites is at the discretion of the Ranch Managers and requires scheduling in advance. 

Guests are required to bring all necessary charging equipment. 

Please call the Ranch Managers to arrange.


Helipad located at the corner of Dog Creek Road and Meadow Lake Road.  

Latitude | 51º 22′ 23″ N

Longtude | 121º 43′ 20″ W

Elevation | 1080m

Please call Ranch Managers in advance to arrange usage.

🚘 🏡 🏔 #Staycay with us

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